Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bonjour Switzerland!

Module 3 of the 12th edition of the FIFA Master program commenced a fortnight ago in wet and chilly Neuchatel.  Whilst the days have been long, the program for the next couple of months showcases field visits to FIFA, UEFA, IOC, UCI, IMG, FEI, MSI, OSC and Sauber which has kept spirits high in anticipation.  As far as living conditions are concerned, as expected everything in Switzerland is very expensive and the class is resigned to the fact that 2-minute noodles will be the staple diet for the remaining course duration.
Final project work is well and truly underway and my group and I are looking to consolidate a topic pertaining to the ‘integrity of sport’, particularly focusing on the current hot topic of match-fixing.  We strongly believe this a highly relevant issue which needs significant attention in order to maintain the purity of sport for future generations to come.

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