Friday, 23 September 2011


Our first guest speaker, Rob Lake spoke to the class today.  He gave his findings on his report into the history/structure of the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) in Britain and the struggles for the nation to produce world class tennis players.  The last British Wimbledon Champion was Fred Perry in 1936! Last female won it in 1977, and last Davis Cup victory was also 1936.  I find that incredible considering that tennis has a long and diverse history in the country.  However, from what I've heard through various people, it is extremely difficult to change the habits of some of the people who run these organisations.  They have held committee positions for years and are against change on almost every level.  Our first group task was established and I will be presenting with Alex, Rob, Diana and Aneeqah on 'How well has Wimbledon adapted to the changing world of modern sport?'

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